GNG Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 12v Portable Cordless Vacuum with Car & Wall Rechargeable Lithium-ion, Black Detailing Vacuum Cleaners for Wet and Dry Furniture, Dust Buster, Carpets, Floors, Vehicles

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Brand: GN Netcom


  • [ Professional Unique Patent Design ]- Two charging cables! NO more using extension cables to clean your car and NO need to charge it repeatedly while cleaning. Charge it at home or in your car easily and use it for 17-20 min without connecting it to an electricity power. However, if while cleaning your car, you run out of power, you can connect it to your car without stopping your cleaning.
  • [ Strong Suction ]- Stop struggling with your small vacuum cleaners ! Use our 6000 pa vacuum cleaner with a high-power 106 W lithium ion battery! It has strong suction abilities to suck up large and small dirt. This mini car vacuum cleaner has Strong Aluminum Fan to support dry and wet use, so it can suck up dust, pet hair and spilled water efficiently.
  • [ Maximum Conveniency, Safety And Durability ]- plastic with aluminum fan so it will hold up to wear and tear! Forget about the dustpan and the annoying tight places you cannot reach. It can reach every small corner in your house, car or shed. No more tripping over cords and moving furniture to find inconveniently placed outlets—GNG’s hand vacuum is wireless, so it can be held in one hand.
  • [ Easy To Use ] creates flawless cleaning, so your car will look as new. The filter is washable, so you can wash it easily repeatedly and it will stay as new. Your dust compartment is transparent, so no need to open it and check its status every few minutes. You can see the dirt and dust pile up while cleaning. It is the best product for cleaning your car, tight places at your house and other dirty places.
  • [ One Year Warranty ] GNG believes in delivering the best quality products, so you`ll start breath clean air while driving your car. The Ideal and Ultimate Multi-Purpose Gift for weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and for anyone and everyone. 100% SATISFACTION- We know you’ll love it!

Package Dimensions: 147x400x1451

TWO Purp
OUR ULTIMATE & INOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY INSURES oses ONE Vacuum Cleaner! You get TWO charging cabals, so you`ll be able to both charge it at house & in your car!
Premium Quality- powerful 4800 pa vacuum creates strong suction & deep cleaning of heavy & lightweight dirt with strong aluminum fan.
Multifunctional-Wet & Dry Use- our vacuum cleaner is perfect for various multi-purposes! It can suck dust, small items, food crumbs, pet hair and any liquids. It`s great for upholstery, carpets, floors, stairs, table, chair, cabinet, the narrowest places in your home, car, office & any outdoor places.
High-Efficiency & strong 106 W Lithium Battery- The powerful 2600 mAh battery holds its charge & delivers outstanding power every time.
Washable filter- keep it perfectly clean with maximum hygiene.
Wireless- with our rechargeable battery!
Bonus! a fabric-carrying bag to store it easily and protect it when it`s not used.
Lightweight- only 1.7lb (0.8kg)!
Long Car Charging Cable- 5 meter to simplify your interior cleaning.
Capacity- is about 0.5L.
Easy to use!Charge our cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner (2.5 hours) and it`ll work for 17-20 min`.
This is the BEST Gift for anyone whose life you want to make easier!
Dimensions & color-15*4.3*5 inch (38.5*11*13 cm) black & gold.
Comfortable-the firm grip of our vacuum allows convenient using.
The Package includes:car vacuum cleaner, user`s manual, washable filter, two adapter charging cables (DC-5M&AC-1.15 M), a flexible hose, dust brush, a crevice tool and a fabric-carrying bag. This whole package will help you clean your car and the smallest places fast & easily and it`s now available on amazon!
Our vacuums are tested, so high quality is guaranteed!
Do Not Waste Time- Place Your Order While Supplies Still Last!


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