ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Color: White/Blue


  • Floating Speaker Orb spinning above a magnetic base
  • Special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect
  • Bluetooth speaker floating in the air with 10mm ground clearance
  • Built-in NFC function -any smartphone or tablet with NFC function can pair automatically
  • Levitation technology user under license from Levitation Arts, Inc.

Package Dimensions: 135x221x1542

Release Date: 30-06-2015

Details: Product Description

Rarely does one come across a product so beautiful and yet so sensible in functionality and form factor that it complements the fast-changing lifestyle of this generation. The ICE Orb Levitating Speaker is one such beautiful Bluetooth Speaker which defies and challenges the conventional methods of listening to Music. With a levitating Orb and a Base capable of doubling as a charging dock, the ICE Orb is way more than just a style statement – it the tomorrow of Music, TODAY!

From the Manufacturer

The Incredible Orb

The gravity-defying orb is not only a piece of beautifully designed levitating Bluetooth speaker, but it is also a piece of art crafted to perfection. The spinning orb comes with a high quality speaker system which lets you play songs at very high levels of volume even without the minutest of distortion or noise. We have also made sure that the orb spinning amazingly above the base neither compromises on sound quality nor on clarity but simply leaves you with a jaw-dropping music experience. What more? The orb can be used as a standalone Bluetooth Speaker and can be carried as a portable speaker without the base!

A Music ‘Powerhouse’. Literally.

The base of the ICE Orb is a sleek 25mm thick circular base which levitates your Orb beautifully in the air. Apart from this amazing function, the base comes with an in-built USB port which has been seamlessly integrated to let you charge your Tablets and Smartphones when the base is connected to a direct power source. This hence makes your ICE Orb an all-in-one Music hub which not only lets you listen to music, but also charge your smart devices simultaneously.

Bluetooh & NFC

Has multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth & NFC to makes sure none of your smart devices are left out when it comes to pairing with the ICE Orb

Charging Dock

The base, once connected to a direct power source can be used as a charging dock for Tablets and Smartphones.

360° Sound

Has a circular speaker system spinning in 360°, making sure everyone in the room gets the best uncompromising music quality ever.

Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism

When we look at the technology behind this modern marvel, there’s a lot more than it really meets the eye. The ICE Orb comes with a revolutionary next generation Dynamic Stabilization mechanism which indicates the stability of the floating orb using the four blue indicators.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.
Your Music remastered

How did you come up with the idea for this product?
Music has always been about stretching boundaries, doing the unusual and defining new genres. We felt if that’s true for Music, then why not for the very products that play them and put it across to the people indulging in them? An artist spends hours putting every note together, getting that perfect balance of highs and lows and tuning every note to perfection – and this needed to be done justice to through a product which not only made every beat crystal clear perfect but also redefined the way people listened to music all this while. Then came the ICE Orb and everything else is history.

What makes your product special?
Everything. Literally Everything. We made sure that the ICE Orb was an amazing Levitating Bluetooth Speaker and at the same time, much much more. With Bluetooth & NFC, people can connect with the ICE Orb in more than one ways, charge their devices using the base, carry the orb as a standalone speaker and it goes on. Let alone competition, this speaker defines a new genre of it’s own.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?
The best part was surely the inception of this idea for a product which would not only do justice to the people using it, but also to the artists who have sacrificed hundreds of hours to every track they have made and wanted their fans to enjoy every beat the way it was supposed t


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