SUMPRI Sphere Ice Mold & Big Ice Cube Trays Novelty-Silicone Ice Ball Maker With Lid For Infused Ice Or Whiskey Glasses [2 Pack] Large Round Spheres Reusable & BPA Free (Blue)

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  • GET BOTH HIGHEST RATED ICE MAKERS ON AMAZON NOW! YOU CAN’T GO WRONG! CREATE EXTRA-LARGE ICE SPHERES AND 2 INCH JAMBO ICE CUBES – Keep your drinks cold up to TEN TIMES LONGER than plain old cubes; The large volume allows the ice to melts slower giving you an exquisitely prime chilled beverage without the watery taste.
  • NEW SUPERIOR DESIGN FEATURING INNER CHANNELS FOR PERFECT ICE BALLS – these channels ensure tight closure of the Sphere mold; This new design along with the extra thick silicone mold also allows you to get the ice balls out easily without having them crack or chip while making 6 round ice balls at one go.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT WITH A MULTITUDE OF USES – Ideal for Highball, Cocktail, Whisky and Hurricane glasses. Upgrade your Bourbon, alcoholic Punch bowl cocktails, Wine, Gin and Scotch beverage without watering it down. Great for frozen Ice Coffee and long lasting Icetea. Add fruits into each ice tray making ENDLESS variations- Lemon, Strawberry, Mint, Litchi or watermelon cubes; Use it to spoil the kids adding fruit juice making healthy lemonade popsicles keeping them away from high sugar snacks.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, BPA FREE – these jumbo ice molds are made from 100% high quality food grade silicone and give no added taste or smell to your Ice. Your post party life cleanups will also be easy with these kitchen gadgets accessories, just pop them in the dishwasher, they are extremely durable and flexible utensils, then fill them up again, place in the refrigerator and freeze.
  • FREE 30 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + FREE E.Book! We provide two classic ice trays and a guarantee – Try It out, RISK FREE! Click the add to cart button now.

Package Dimensions: 82x186x340


Are You Tired Of Those Boring, Watered Down Drinks?

Do You Want Your Drinks To Look Fabulous And Stay Cooler For Longer?

Will Cool Your Drink For Much Longer Than Regular Ice Cubes –Enjoy Refreshing Ice-Cold Drinks In Style Without Watering Them Down!

The Ultimate Conversation Starter –Perfect For Entertaining, Makes Great Looking Party Drinks Every Time!

Freezes Pretty Much Anything And The Kids Love It –Water with fruits/Ice Tea /Coffee/Lemonade/ Fruit Juice And Much More

Why Choose SUMPRI Ice Molds?

Its Monday Evening And You Come Back From Work Tired And Exhausted To Your Regular Dinner Or Family Time…. Nothing New Or Exiting…

How About Getting A Product That Will Change That? That Will Add Some Zing And Give You Endless Variations To Enjoy?

Using SUMPRI Ice Molds Means You Will Have Perfect Ice Cubes Waiting For You Every Day.
The Drink You’ll Have Will Recreate A Great Holliday Feeling With Endless Icy Variations Using Our Amazing 2 Pack Set.
Allow Your Drink To Cool Fast With Jumbo Ice Cubes, You Will Be Excited To See How Your New Icy Idea Came Out And Will Enjoy A Refreshing Beverage Lay Back And Relax.

” These Sumpri ice molds are a great idea. There’s plenty of room to add fruit, berries, or mint leaves. It also takes them way longer to melt, preserving the taste of the beverages. So many options!!”

You Can’t Go Wrong With This One – SUMPRI Ice Mold Set Is Clearly The Best Choice With Risk Free-Full 100% money back 30 day guarantee.
Click The Yellow Add To Cart Button At The Top Of This Page And Grab Yours Now!

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